The computer company Amstrad was founded in 1968 by Alan Sugar. 
The name Amstrad stands for Alan Michael Sugar Trading.

Sales in Germany were handled by the Schneider Computer Division in Türkheim. Schneider later produced the Schneider Euro PC independently of Amstrad. The CPC and Joyce are therefore not manufactured or developed by Schneider, but were "only" sold by Schneider.

In 1986, Amstrad bought Sinclair Research LTD and continued its Spectrum home computer series (ZX80, ZX81, Spectrum 16/48k, Spectrum128) with the types Spectrum +2A, +2B and 3.

In 1992 followed in-house developments (Notepad): NC-100, NC 150 and NC-200, which resembled the Cambridge Z88. Amstrad then manufactured IBM compatible PCs as complete systems, in addition to products from consumer electronics and household electrics, e-mail-enabled videophones and TV satellite technology.

On 31 July 2007, Amstrad was fully acquired by the British pay-TV provider BSkyB (British Sky Broadcasting)

Since 2005, Alan Sugar has hosted the reality show "The Apprentice" in the UK, a British version of the AMERICAN show of the same name.

Historie of Amstrad Homecomputer and Innovations

This list below describes the devices developed by Amstrad. For better context, the devices released by Amstrad following the acquisition of Sinclair Research LTD are also listed.




1984 CPC 464 Homecomputer mit S/W Monitor 900 DM
    Homecomputer mit Farbmonitor 1500 DM
1985 CPC 664 Homecomputer mit S/W Monitor, Disk 900 DM
    Homecomputer mit Farbmonitor, Disk 1500 DM
1985 CPC 6128 Homecomputer mit S/W Monitor, Disk, 128 K RAM 900 DM
    Homecomputer mit Farbmonitor, Disk, 128 K RAM 1500 DM
1986 ZX Spectrum +2 mit TAPE 150 Pfund (225 Euro)
1986 ZX Spectrum +2A mit TAPE keine Preisangabe
1987 ZX Spectrum +3 mit 3 Zoll Disk, CP/M 250 Pfund (380 Euro)
1987 PC 1640 16 Bit IBM kompatibler PC keine Preisangabe
1992 NC100 Notebookcomputer mit Z80 und s/w Display keine Preisangabe
1987 PPC 512 16 Bit IBM kompatibler Notebook keine Preisangabe
1987 PCW 8256 Joyce 8bit Computer, in Monitor eingebaut. CP/M, 256 MB RAM 2500 DM
1987 PCW 9512 Joyce 8bit Computer, in Monitor eingebaut. CP/M, 512 MB RAM 2500 DM
1988 Euro PC und    
  Euro PC 2    
1989 PC 2386 32 Bit IBM kompatibler, 80386DX  
1993 PDA 600 8-Bit PDA Computer, eigenes OS (Eden) 800 DM